Tyler HillHave you ever found loose change over and over? After my sixteen-year-old son, Tyler, died a preventable death on a People to People student trip to Japan in 2017, I found three silver dollars on three consecutive days.  Coincidental?

His People to People invitation letter came on official letterhead with 8 past US Presidents named as honorary chairmen. It was signed by Mary Jean Eisenhower, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s granddaughter.  President Eisenhower signed a joint resolution by the 84th Congress to put “In God We Trust” onto US currency in 1956.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower’s face adorns the silver dollar. President Franklin Roosevelt adorns the dime, primarily because he is the only President to serve or more than ten years (12 total).  I recognize that Tyler left the body that clothed his soul in 2007 – more than ten years ago.  It is symbolic for me.

Recently, I have been finding shiny new dimes.  Many of them.  We were on a dream vacation to celebrate our youngest son’s college degree and our 30th wedding anniversary. We think of Tyler every day and miss him terribly, especially on milestone achievements, celebrations, and family vacations. Our family often feels like a four-legged table with only three legs remaining – off-kilter.

I told a few of my very Spiritual friends about all of the shiny dimes I was finding.  They remarked that they are similar to pennies from heaven, “How wonderful.  Signs from heaven!  A loved one is trying to get your attention.  They are telling you they are looking out for you.  Dimes represent the number ’10’ – coming full circle, fulfillment, unity, or the completion of a task.” A quick Google search confirmed their exclamations.

Several years ago I booked a trip to hear Wayne Dwyer. Unfortunately, he died before the conference and I never got to hear him live. I have read several of his books.  As a bereaved Mom, the journey to a “Joyful” life takes purposeful planning.  I reach for it daily.  Wayne mentioned that when he finds loose change he picked it up and placed it in a sacred place, a blue glass jar – as a sign of abundance from heaven.  He gave gratitude for the good fortune. I often wonder how much money he accumulated in this way?  The most important message is he saw it as a sign of abundance.

I am grateful for the silver dollars and shiny dimes I am blessed to find.  They are affirmations from heaven of love and abundance.  I put them with dollars and other change I find in a very, very large blue vase in honor of Wayne Dwyer.  He taught me many things. (Thank you.)

In more than a decade since Tyler’s death, I have devoted my life to Study Abroad and Travel Safety as founder and Executive Director of Depart Smart.  We offer the only consumer-driven travel safety course to help you and the ones you love Depart Smart with skills and a travel safety plan for emergencies so you can get help and home – like a Travel HERO.  No one else does what we do.

I believe these shiny dimes are confirming a purposeful, successful, prosperous new beginning for Depart Smart. Saving lives is rewarding.