A toddler left the body that clothed his soul when leukemia treatment made his immune system too weak to fight back.  His mother, and family, honor him by celebrating his life and living with intential joy.  Our loved can’t find us when we are shrouded in a fog of grief so thick that light cannot penetrate.  Grief is a very low and heavy vibration.  Joy and love are higher, lighter vibrations.

I met the mother after she read Walking on Sunshine, NRG – A Divine Transformation.  She said that she had read many books that told her how to cope but that Walking on Sunshine gave her hope.  She has received many ‘divine signs’ that her beautiful boy shines brightly in the next place that we go.

Here is a delightful video of two of  his cousins giggling and playing with a foot massager.  A flash of white orb dances across the screen as the video plays.  I think their playful toddler cousin wanted to join in the fun.  You?