Mindfulness is the ability to calm and quiet your mind, to open or awaken your consciousness.  Rick Singer’s book, blog and website can help you attain a quiet, mindful consciousness. by entering into a deeper–and possibly transformative–practice of appreciation for the wonder of life each moment offers.  (Lower the volume on your device before linking to his site.) And then – breathe, relax and become mindful.

Tyler communicates with me from the light in mindful, conscious meditations.  A friend asked if I had every spoken with a spirit medium, which I had not, but I was curious and open.  She recommended Necole Stephens.  Necole is a spirit medium, certified Reiki master, hypnotist, nonprofit founder and like me, the mother of a beautiful young boy, Zachary Tompkins, who passed at the young age of eleven.  Most spirit mediums with any validity charge excessive fees for their time.  Necole holds group “Angel” events at ~$40-60 admission to soothe grief (more for private).  This is mindful.