Neither the author, nor her family, had ever heard of or experienced Merkabah before Tyler’s death.  They are a comforting reminder that Tyler’s soul, and other dear ones, are ever present in love and light. Merkabah are discussed in religious texts of varying religions. They are defined as soul light vehicles, sun boats, and chariot of spirit.

Fantastic brilliant orbs with faces and symbols inside are a surprise and a blessing.  They tend to appear in Hill photos during high vibrations of love, celebration and remembrance.

You can see photos in the album on this website and on Walking on Sunshine – NRG Facebook. Naysayers call them dust or lens flares.  I’ve seen some drab photos of rain and dust particles. They are nothing like the vibrant lights we experience. Merkabah often have faces, messages and wheels within wheels. They appear with miraculous timing – with and without a flash.

They move our Spirit.

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