On birthdays and holidays when families come together there is a silent hush where the voice and presence of our loved one belongs.  The void ushers in noticeable but unspoken.

Tyler Hill Memorial Tree planted at Mound Westonka High SchoolWe can still love and honor our dear ones in the light.  Light a candle.  Play their favorite music.  Give a gift to a less fortunate person who would be their age – in their honor.  Make a donation or volunteer to a cause they cared about.  Eat their favorite foods.  Send a tribute up in prayers.  Sit around a campfire sharing memories, write a note to the one you love in the light, toss it into the fire sending love up to heaven in smoke.  Plant a tree or a memorial flower garden.  Talk to them.

Be good to yourself.  Take a cozy cup of tea.  A warm candle light bath with classic soothing music.  Remind yourself how lucky you are to know the love that trancends time.

What ideas do you have?