Remarkable research by Dr. Jeffrey Long, radiation oncologist, on near death experiences of more than a thousand people around the world.  Their realities are remarkably similar, awe-inspiring and revealing regardless of their age, race, religious beliefs or backgrounds.  He includes persons who were blind from birth and young children.   Dr. Long’s website has become the largest Near Death Experience (NDE) research database in the world, reporting more than 1,600 NDE experiences.

By studying thousands of detailed accounts of NDErs, Dr. Long found the evidence that led to this astounding conclusion: NDEs provide such powerful scientific evidence that it is reasonable to accept the existence of an afterlife.  

My research convinces me that near-death experiences are the exit from this life and the entrance to another life. As one NDEr declared, “I saw these vivid colors of what I believe to be crystal, and the overwhelming feeling of knowing there is an afterlife and it is good

[makes me have] no fear of death whatsoever!”

His best selling book was featured on the TODAY show in 2010: