Soul Shift was written by Mark Ireland after he went on a quest for after death communications with his son, Brandon, in the afterlife.Soul Shift is a dramatic story of a father’s unbearable loss and his discovery of life after death offering hope to the bereaved and compelling evidence that death is not the end. Businessman Mark Ireland’s father is Richard Ireland, a deeply spiritual minister and renowned psychic-medium who counted Mae West among his famous clients until his death.

Mark followed a more conventional path in pursuit of mainstream success—until the wrenching death of his youngest son, Brandon. Brandon’s unexpected tragedy plunged Mark into the spiritual world of psychics and mediums in a determined effort to communicate with him. Mark’s defenses and pragmatic mindset began to fade as he recalls premonitions on the day his cherished son, Brandon, died.

Mark consults a number of well-known mediums and is struck by the remarkably accurate information their readings provide. Mark first meets with Allison Dubois, the subject of the hit network show Medium, and later participates in a single-blind lab experiment at a major University, filmed for a Discovery Channel feature. Mark’s own psychic awareness begins to unfold in Soul Shift.”